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Market Leader in Blind Threaded Inserts and Studs.

Blind Installed Threaded Fasteners

A blind installed threaded fastener is defined as a fastener with internal or external threads that can be installed into a panel, tube or other structure from the front side without need to see or access the backside, or "blind" side to complete the installtion. Once installed the fastener remains captive to which a mating component can be attached using standard hardware.

S-S Series

Super-Sert Insert

By market request, AVK has developed a new high strength 10.9 mating bolt capable blind insert for your structural applications needs.

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Super-Sert Insert
AL Series Inserts
A-L Series

AVK’s most versatile product that can be installed into drilled or punched holes in most any material.

AK Series Inserts
A-K Series

Identical to A-L Series™ but features low profile head for applications requiring near flush mating part assembly.

AH Series Inserts
A-H Series

Exceptional spin out resistance in punched hex holes. Recommended for mating thread-locking fasteners.

AR Series Inserts
A-R Series

Has a very wide grip range and with its four high load bearing "legs" is excellent for use in plastics or thin sheet metals.

AS Series Stud
A-S Series

Functions in the same way as the A-L Series™ but has the added feature of a protruding stud.

AT Series
A-T Series

The A-T Series™ is designed for applications where minimal backside thread protrusion is required.

AW Series
A-W Series

The A-W Insert provides exceptional shear strength and pull out in fiberglass and plywoods.

AO Series
A-O Series

The A-O Series™ is designed to be used in applications requiring close hole to edge applications.

RN Series
R-N Series

Ideal for applications requiring heavy push out loads such as for the attachment of leg leveling screws

EL & EH Series
E-L & E-H Series

The E-L Series™ & E-H Series™ Metric Insert product lines offers insert designs to accommodate “true metric” hole sizes.

CS Series
C-S Series

AVK introduces a new high torque insert for the commercial and industrial markets.

CL Series
C-L Series

Compression limiters are utilized daily in applications where a compressive load is applied to a composite assembly.