AVK Fasteners

A-O Series™ Threaded Insert

A-O Series Insert

The A-O Series™ is designed to be used in applications requiring close hole to edge applications.

The A-O Series™ Threaded Insert Insert features a reduced profile head design which is similar to the superior A-K Series™ Knurled Threaded Insert. It also has a smaller body diameter than the A-K Series™ Insert. The A-O Insert can be specified when the application design parameters require a smaller hole or closer hole to edge tolerances.

The A-O Insert can be installed with AVK’s ARO brand Pneumatic Tools or AVK’s SPP™ Pneumatic/Hydraulic Tools. These tools can be located at any position on your assembly line. The A-O Insert can be installed either prior to or after finish further enhancing its flexibility in your manufacturing environment.