AVK Fasteners

Installation Tools

AVK SPP2 Tool™ System Introduction

The New Modularized SPP2 Tool™ System has been designed exclusively to install AVK’s complete line of blind installed fasteners. The term SPP2 Tool™ stands for Spin Pull to Pressure.

The SPP2 Tool™ spins into the AVK fastener, automatically pulling the fasteners into a proper installation utilizing pressure as the upset control method.

Pulling to pressure insures the AVK fastener will be installed correctly into single, multiple or variable thickness materials without adjustment.

AVK SPP2 Tool System

SPP2 Tool™ System Features

The Power Pack contains the air over hydraulic power system.The Power Pack is capable of providing 7,500 lbs. of pulling force enabling the tool to install any AVK product in any thread size up to 1/2” and M12. Combined with a NEW Pneumatic-Hydraulic Boost System providing a 15% to 20% faster cycle time for rapid installation.

The all new SPP2 Tool™ comes furnished with attached tool hangers, casters and durable air and hydraulic quick release fittings allowing the operator to pull the unit along the work floor.

The Power Pack can be adjusted to pull any AVK fastener with the simple adjustment of an air pressure regulator. Our new robust design features a see through glass hydraulic fluid reservoir for visual inspection of the hydraulic fluid level, enabling quick and easy adjustments.

The SPP2 Tool™ is lightweight and ergonomically designed. It features a rocker style trigger and a high speed motor that provides the quickest spin-in / spin-out of any tool on the market. The tool also has a patented quick release thread adaptation kit that makes thread size changes quick and easy with no wrenches required.