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A-S Series™ Stud Insert

A-S Series Stud Insert
A-S Series Stud Inserts

The A-S Series™ functions in the same way as the A-L Series™ but has the added feature of a protruding stud.

The A-S Series™ Stud Threaded Insert offers a unique design advantage in that once installed, a threaded stud is left protruding from the workpiece. Component parts can be located on the stud until final assembly is accomplished with a mating nut. The A-S Stud Insert is an ideal alternative to clinch or weld studs. The A-S Insert is designed to be used with Grade 5 or Metric Class 8.8/9.8 non thread locking type nuts.

The A-S Series™ Stud Threaded Insert is installed using AVK’s ARO brand Pneumatic Tools or AVK’s SPP™ Pneumatic/Hydraulic Tools. These tools can be located at any position on your assembly line. The A-S Stud can be installed either before or after finish.