AVK Fasteners

C-L Series™ Compression Limiter

C-L Series Insert

Compression limiters are utilized daily in applications where a compressive load is applied to a composite assembly. The compression limiter distributes and transfers clamp load when the mating bolt or screw is installed into a composite assembly. This distribution of clamp load prevents damage to your assembly and compensates fo expansion and contratiion of the composite substraight. Thus, the compression limiter will provide consistent joint integrity allowing your joint assembly to remain tight.

Compression limiters are designed specifically for customer's requirements. Simply call your local AVK Sales Respresentative and provide your requirements.

  • Compensation for Material Expansion & Constriction
  • Maintain Joint Stability
  • Protect Composite Material from Damage
  • Reduce Rework from Cracked Assemblies
  • Create Clean Holes with Alignment Points
  • Reduce Assembly Rejection
  • Maintain Production Through-Put
  • Excellent for Automotive and Truck Composites