AVK Fasteners

Installation Tools

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Pneumatic Installation Tool
ARO Brand Pneumatic Tools

The AVK pneumatic tool features a Quick-Change thread adaption kit.

Hydralic Installation Tool SPP2
AVK SPP2 Tool™

Designed to install AVK’s complete line of blind installed fasteners.


In partnership with FAR, AVK's KJ46 Hydropneumatic tool for blind rivet nuts.

Portable CVI Insert Tool
Portable CVI™ Insert Tool

Cloud data collection, torque installation, tool adjustment and programmability.

Manual Hand Operated
Manual Hand Operated

AVK has the hand tool suitable for most any application.

Automated Tooling
Automated Tooling

Automation system can be used for installations.

Tool Repair Stations
Tool Repair Stations

Authorized tool repair stations for in warranty and out of warranty.