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Cloud Verification Installation Tool.

AVK CVI™ Insert Tool


Cloud data collection, torque installation, tool adjustment and programmability of your tool by way of wireless connective links are at AVK for you!

Concerned about proper torque installation and confirmation of data to your customer, try the AVK CVI™ Cloud Verification Installation Tool to resolve your assembly concerns. Our CVI™ System will allow you to monitor and adjust up to 10 tools from your workstation or laptop with digital accuracy.

Rest assured that your CVI™ tool will have plenty of power for installation with the on board 20 volt battery. Ergonomic’s is assured by a light weight 4.35 pound tool with a high impact composite body for durability. Our CVI™ tool is the perfect blend of cloud technology and a precision installation battery tool.

Portable CVI

AVK CVI™ Insert Tool

Design Benefits

  • Ergonomic, 4.35 pounds (2kg.)
  • Bright LED to illuminate installation hole.
  • Stores cycle data for up to 1,200 run downs
  • Up to 8 user-programmable fastening configurations
  • Will set all AVK products with the exception of R-N Rivet Nuts
  • CVI™ uses standard AVK / TAK’s and special adaption kits are available as well. Contact an AVK Sales Representative
  • User friendly display module displays results and accepts programming inputs
  • Well balanced for ease of handling
  • Brushless motor tested beyond a million cycles
  • Two 20V battery option provides maximum runtime
  • Super bright LED headlight with programmable on/off
  • Control 10 tools, verify torque installation and gather installation data via your work station or laptop. Programmable torque, angle and speed settings
  • Wireless communication option delivers process control with I/O, automatic configuration switching and real-time data archiving via Process Communication Module (PCM)